What is a cloud based phone system?

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Every business owner knows that things never stay the same. An average company changes and evolves multiple times over the years – launching new products, expanding the area of expertise and hiring employees. All these changes require from a business to adapt accordingly and provide a suitable platform for communication. Sometimes adding phone lines is not enough and a more flexible platform is required. Cloud phone systems can offer an advanced security and telephony features, that will allow the company to adapt more easily to the ever changing needs.

What is a cloud based phone system?

Cloud telephony is a phone system delivered through the internet. The system is used as a replacement of conventional telephone equipment. The service is also known as VoIP (Voice over IP), internet phone system or as virtual PBX. Cloud phone system allows businesses to route calls using a third party, that hosts the service. The main requirement for using a cloud communication system is a connection to the internet. There is no need in purchasing or installing any additional hardware or software. The service is usually provided on a monthly subscription basis.

Cloud phone system is not only about receiving phone calls, it can also serve as a platform for additional features, that can be useful in promoting an efficient business and communication management, such as: extension dialing, call forwarding, voicemail, conference bridges, text messaging, call tracking, fax services, auto attendants, interactive voice responses, and many other features.

Internet based phone system is fairly reliable, easy to use and cost efficient. When hosting your own phone system, you will not only be charged for the equipment and its installment, but also for the maintenance. More often then not, the company will also have to hire an IT team to make sure everything is working as it should. Choosing a cloud based system will allow the company to save mony on purchasing the hardware, software, configuration, security and upgrades. All this work is done as part of the service package by the cloud hosting company.

How the system affects your business?

By allowing each business to choose the features they need for an optimal and efficient work environment, cloud phone system provides a customized platform for costumers and employees alike, on which to promote and develop business activity. The platform provides a high level of flexibility in terms of integration and remote working. Employees can log into their phones anytime and from any location. This solution may work well for people that tend to do field work or work at home. Adding phone lines for additional users is easy and requires only few clicks. That way new employees can start working right away, without the need to wait for a technician.

In terms of remote capabilities, cloud based phone system can be used on landlines, mobile phones and mobile devices. A user can choose how and when to use the available features. Many companies choose to buy toll free numbers for their cloud phone systems, as it allows them to extend their presence to various remote locations.

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