But the whole world is going to learn very soon that the only real power

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 But the whole world is going to

learn very soon that the only real

power, the only real power that

exists in this world is HaKB"H

Hakol-yachol (יכול_הכל (the Creator

of everything and nothing can

happen in the world against His


מאמר בנושא ברכת המזון מקוצרת לנשים

So you ask, why do we have to go

through all this suffering? Because

the Jewish people are the center of

the world, the center of Hashem's

Creation. The Jewish people were

created for the future to be part of


 Hashem is eternal. He is endless.

He exists forever. Am-Yisrael, the

chosen people of Hashem will

continue on into eternity. The world

cannot be taken over by armies, led

by generals, led by people who

believe in the Satan, the devil. They

can't take over the world. They don’t

have the power, only Hashem has

the power but He's letting them do

what they want but soon they will

realize that they can't overcome the

strength and power of the HaKB"H.

 HaKB"H is everything! The

reshaiim have to see that they're

fools. They have to realize their

stupidity in thinking that they can

overcome the One and Only, the

Creator of everything, HaKB"H!

 Once they see that and realize that

and accept that, then they will leave

this world and never be seen again.

However, until that point Hashem is

letting them rule over all the money

in the world, all the finances of the

world, all the cities of the world, all

the armies of the world… almost


מידע שיש על תיקון הכללי העולמי בשידור חי

 They think that their strength and

their magic, the magic that they've

learned from the devil himself, can

control the world with force, with

guns and bombs. They think they

can hide from Hashem in their

bunkers deep under the ground.

 They think that they can finish off

Am Yisrael in their Fema Camps, in

the concentration camps, just like

they killed six million Jews in

Europe. No! This time it will not

work that way. They want to build a

so-called new world with a much

smaller population that will be their

slaves and they'll be the rulers of

everything. This will not happen!

 They are sure that they can control

everything. They brought on this

Corona! However, most people that

died from it either had other

illnesses that were much worse or

they were just murdered.

 The vast majority survived and

many didn't have any symptoms

and there were many cases where

they didn't feel sick at all.

 The evil ones think that they can

play G-d! Yes, they are very foolish

and their foolishness is going to

destroy them. 

 Am-Yisrael, it's time to pick up

and leave the Galut (diaspora), the

Shechina (שכינה (is no longer in

Chutz-laaretz; it is no longer

outside of the boundaries of EretzIsrael.

 We are not talking about MedinatYisrael; we are talking about EretzYisrael. Eretz-Yisrael is Holy. It was

given to Am Yisrael forever by

HaKB"H Himself. Medinat-Yisrael

is not holy and will not survive! It

has always been ruled by the

Zionists that are part of the newworld-order, and they will be


סגור לתגובות על  But the whole world is going to learn very soon that the only real power


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