Messages from Heaven Daniel, Jerusalem

13 בדצמבר 2020 | מאת: | מאמרים בקטגוריה יהדות

Messages from Heaven

Daniel, Jerusalem, 13-Jul-2020

 Aba Aba Aba, do you see what's

happening? Do You see what's

happening Aba? I can't believe it's

happening! It's really happening; we

are really approaching the Geula

Shleyma mamash very soon, very

soon Aba, but we'll have to go

through many, many days of fear

and hopelessness and suffering. But

Aba, Beezrat Hashem I hope that by

next year, Pesach-time, we'll be in a

much better situation.

כאן נקרא על ליבבתיני שמלות כלה

 The evil ones think they are

controlling the world. They've been

planning this for centuries to

control the whole world! I hope that

by Pesach-time next year everything

will be much better, much clearer

and we will merit seeing and

greeting Mashiach also.

 However, now the situation is very

bad. The evil ones are trying to

control and conquer the whole

entire world. They are trying to put

every single country, every single

city under their rule of evil and

destruction. They have a plan. We

don't know exactly their whole plan

but it's evil, evil, evil.

 There is not a country in this

world, at least no country that we

know of, that their leaders are not

part of this new world order, so to


מידע שניתן לקרוא לאקי פאצי

 This new world order that

pretends to care about the people of

the world and wants to make

everybody have equal rights.

Supposedly they want everybody to

be able to do their own thing, to be

free to live as they want.

 And the way that they want

everyone to live is totally, totally

against our belief! It's against Our

Jewish heritage. It's totally against

our Torah! It's totally against

everything that we ever learned in

school. They want us to live our lives

based on our animalistic desires.

 They want to feed us all kinds of

pleasures and make us drunk from

them. They want to make us

confused and pull us away from

Hakadosh Baruch Hu, from our

G-d. HaKB"H is the only ruler of

the world. He created the world and

He created everything around the

world and beyond the world,

everything in existence He created.

He is everything! There's nothing in

the world that's comparable to

HaKB"H. He is everything!


to Yisrael


If you want to


 And these fools are trying to turn

this world into their own private

property that they can control.

They're really fools and they really

are very stupid because they believe

that they can be instead of G-d


 How could they believe that they

have any kind of strength even close

to the strength of G-d?! They believe

in the devil himself וזכרו_שמו_ימח.

 They believe that the devil has all

the strength. It might sound to some

people like a made-up movie script,

and really it is so incredible and so

ridiculous that it is impossible to


ליהודים בחו"ל ,

כשהמגיפה תירגע

תעלו מיד ארצה ,

לא תהיה לכם

הזדמנות נוספת !

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