You're better off coming now to Eretz-Yisrael

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 You're better off coming now to

Eretz-Yisrael rather than to wait

until after you will see and

experience so much death and

destruction. Therefore, you should

try to come here soon, even if you

have to live in a tent, be here,

because it'll be the safest place in

the world, even though right now it

might seem the opposite.

 Show Hashem that this is where

you really want to be. Show Hashem

that you love Him, that you believe

in Him, that you know for sure that

He is everything!

קרא כאן ברכה להצלחה בטסט

 Hashem is the only thing that

exists in the world – that gives the

world its power, it's strength, it's

form. He is the Creator of

everything and beyond. We have to

show Him our love.

 We have to leave the Gallut, the

diaspora and come back home,

even if we have to live in a difficult

situation, still we have to come

home and show Him our loyalty and

how happy we are to return.

 The countries of the world never

really adapted to us and we never

really adapted to their way of living.

Unfortunately, many Jewish

Neshamot become lost in the lies of

where they live, wanting to be like

the Goyim.

מידע על חלום על נשר

 Come back to Eretz-Yisrael, not to


Am_Yisrael, this is our

moment of glory!

This is our moment in history, to

show Hashem that we are with Him

and only with Him, to show

Hashem that we're not afraid

because we know that only He can

save us and our families.

 You have to come to Him with

your head bowed, not with

arrogance, only with love, and then

we'll be able to come to the BeitHamikdash and sacrifice Korbanot

and merit eternity.

 That's our goal. That is the reason

for all the history that we went

through, from the creation of man

to the moment when Mashiach will

reveal Himself; the moment that

we'll be in the Beit-Hamikdash, the

third Beis-Hamikdash, performing

the sacrifices to Hashem. At that

moment, everything will become

clear. Everyone will be happy.

Everyone will feel and know the

Truth. And then we can go on for


 Am-Yisrael, the time is now. I beg

you; please do come and bring

your families. It won't be easy.

We're still under the rule of the evil

ones. But this is the time to come.

And don't be afraid, because if you

stay in your countries, it will be

worse and much more frightening in

the future.

 I beg you to open up your Jewish

mind and your Jewish heart so you

can understand my words and come

to Eretz-Yisrael where you will find


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