Medinat-Yisrael is a creation of the devil himself

10 בדצמבר 2020 | מאת: | מאמרים בקטגוריה יהדות


 Medinat-Yisrael is a creation of

the devil himself. It's not the Jewish

Homeland. Eretz-Yisrael is the

Jewish homeland, but MedinatYisrael will disappear leaving us

with only Eretz-Yisrael for eternity.

 However, when a Jew comes to

live in Eretz-Yisrael, he's living with

the past. He's living with Mamma

Rachel who was buried not far from

Yerushalayim, he's living with the

 (הכותל_המערבי) Hamaravi-Kotel

where you can go and daven and

feel the Shechina (שכינה (there, he's

living with all the Tzadikim that are

buried in the area of Yerushalayim

and all over the land of Israel.

 Everywhere one goes, Tzadikim

are buried there. That's EretzYisrael. Hakneset is in MedinatYisrael and they are evil! The

Knesset is evil! And now they're

showing their evil ways. The police

is out of control. They enjoy hurting

Jews. If they are indeed Jews

themselves, I wonder how any Jew

could hit a 13 year old girl because

she's not wearing a mask. He can't

be a Jew! Any so-called Jew that can

beat up another Jew without mercy

is not a Jew.

מאמר בנושא משפטים על חיוך ושמחה

 Now the evil ones are trying to

take away our Yiddishkeit by force,

our belief in Hashem, and they are

using this corona to justify their

brutal actions.

 We're living in a state of

dictatorship. It seems like it's a

democracy, but it's not. It's not a

democracy and all the democracies

of the world are not democracies

and anyway, what is democracy? It's

a lie from beginning to end. And the

only rule in the world is the

Omnipotent HaKB"H Hakol-yachol

(יכול_הכל .(He is everything.

 We have to remember that,

because we're going to go through a

very difficult time. They're going to

persecute us in the worst way.

מידע שיש על חלום על ערבים

 They didn't build Fema camps to

make birthday parties. They built

them to kill people. If you have a

chance to look and see what's inside

them, you should do so. You will be

horrified. And they're all over the

United States and even in Israel.

They are in England, in Australia

and in Russia. They are everywhere.

 These evil people think they can

destroy what Hashem has created,

and I'm saying to you – it won’t


 I'm begging all of Am-Yisrael,

wherever you live in the world, the

time has come. You have to pack

your bags and come to EretzYisrael!

 Soon HaKB"H is going to throw

out from Eretz-Yisrael all the people

that don't belong here. The only

ones that will be left are those that

are loyal to Hashem and His

Mashiach. Mashiach is already

here, but we are not ready to receive

Him. We have to work on becoming

more spiritual which means to

believe without a doubt that

Hashem is the Omnipotent יכול_הכל

and there is no one like him in all


 We have to become closer to

Hashem in order to see the Truth

and want to live the Truth. And I

know it's going to be very difficult

for everybody to get up and leave

their countries and come here


סגור לתגובות על  Medinat-Yisrael is a creation of the devil himself


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