Dov Malnik Tomer Feingold – Why Should You Upgrade Your Website?

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Not everybody can afford themselves building a new website. The procedure requires investment of time and money that can be too overwhelming for some business owners. The good news are that you not always have to build a new website – but upgrade it instead. the costs will be significantly lower and within a much shorter time frame. Leading experts, such as Dov Malnik and Tomer Feingold, have noticed a significant increase in ROI after the upgrade.
When should you choose to upgrade your website? First you need to understand the difference between upgrading and building an entirely new thing. When building a website a new template and operating systems will be applied. The procedure is more costly and can take more time. Upgrade is using your current site to boost its performance. The change will mostly include new and fresh content, photos, videos and other media upgrades.
Why should you add new content and media? Your users are probably familiar with your content, and as time flies by and nothing changes, users start see you as outdated and slow in a very rapid world of internet. New users that stumbleupon your site, and that are not familiar with you or your brand, will get a wrong impression of old and boring. To avoid this you should definitely consider the vibes costumers get from your business online.
The next issue is the check out system. If you haven't change your site in a while, then your check out system might be outdated. New systems allow for quicker and easier procedures that will appeal to users.
Show your costumers you care. Updated site makes for a better impression of care and involvment. It will create a better impression on potential clients and convince them they should trust in your expertise.

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